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We are happy to announce you the FREE MP3 and Timer Pod for all of our Connect Innovation customers.

Learn more about the features of this pod in Adobe Connect room and download the English or local Nordic versions of this pod.

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"Keep it simple", says the mantra. "Yes, thank you, but could it also apply to my computer apps?"

We would like to announce the new MP4 service that convert Adobe Connect recordings to MP4 files using fully automated and human-less conversion system.

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We are pleased to announce the Connect Innovation pods for Adobe Connect.

- Kaltura Video Pod 

- YouTube Video pod 

- BrightCove Video Pod

Also, we offer the new Learning Managment Systems integration. 

Marketing webinars let you introduce and explain your product to a wide audience, helping to stimulate interest and highlighting functionality. A well-constructed demo adds believability to your marketing claims and illustrates abstract concepts with practical examples.

Adobe Connect is second only to Cisco in execution while Citrix plummets on execution. This is another great win for the Adobe Connect product. Please feel free to visit the report here:

Webinar 28/01/2016

Not all web conferencing tools are created equal. Join us to learn how WebEx, Lync, GoToMeeting, and others compare to Adobe Connect for online meetings, training, and webinars on topics like engaging features, customizability, ease-of-use, and more.

You will discover:

- More engaging and interactive features

InfoWorld recently published a web conferencing review titled ‘WebEx and GoToMeeting meet their match‘ that ranked Adobe Connect the top solution, followed by Zoom and CiscoWebEx.

Whether you’re new to Adobe Connect or you’re a power user, this session will help you get the most out of the product. Adobe's “Connectionist”, Peter Ryce, will be joined by other members of the product team to help answer your questions and show you some tips and tricks in this informal session.

We are happy to announce the release of Adobe Connect 9.5.

The novelties in this release are in:

Adobe Connect Learning

  • Support learning standards: HTML5 content support in virtual classrooms and offline MP4 recordings in all meeting rooms.

Adobe Connect Webinars