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Adobe Connect Extensions

Adobe Connect Pods

MP3 and Timer Pod

One of the recent pods on the Adobe Connect Room is the Connect-Innovation MP3 & Timer pod.

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BrightCove Pod
BrightCove Video Pod

Connect Innovation kan nu levere en Pod der kan bruges til at synkronisere video materiale der befinder sig på Bright

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YouTube Pod
YouTube Video Pod

Den første Adobe Connect YouTube afspiller til både PC og Tablet.

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Kaltura Pod
Kaltura Video Pod

Nu er det meget nemmere at integrere video fra Kaltura – med Connect Innovations Kaltura video pod.

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Adobe Connect Integration


MP4 Service
MP4 Service with Automated Subtitling

Convert Adobe Connect recordings to MP4 files using fully automated and human-less conversion system.


Learning Management Systems
Learning Management Systems

Connect Innovation’s Learning Management Systems integrations offer educators the solutions to simplify their workflows while enhancing the learning experience.